consumentisme, dierenleed

Farm of the people

Door: Esmeralda van Werkhoven, Gianiro Picus, Jeffrey van Loon, Pleuni Smits, Sacha de Greef. “Farm of the People is een restaurant experience waar gasten worden […]

geweld, racisme

Breonna Taylor, projected

“A photograph of Breonna Taylor, projected onto the statue of Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Va., July 2020.Credit…Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA, via Shutterstock […]

onderdrukking, opsluiting

Xinjiang Data

“The Xinjiang Data Project brings together rigorous, empirical research on the human rights situation for Uyghurs and other non-Han nationalities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous […]

imperialisme, oorlog


Door: Michael Rakowitz. “In September 2011, I launched Spoils, a culinary intervention in collaboration with Chef Kevin Lasko at Park Avenue Autumn in New York […]

censuur, surveillance

Wikileaks scarf

Door: Metahaven. “DV: Nobody could have foreseen what happened to WikiLeaks, and the events that unfolded. Of course, it’s impossible for an identity to keep […]

consumentisme, mode, uitbuiting

S(cr)ew it!

Door: Esmeralda van Werkhoven, Gianiro Picus, Jeffrey van Loon, Pleuni Smits, Sacha de Greef. “S(cr)ew it! is een kledingconcept waarbij klanten een doos kunnen bestellen […]

armoede, racisme, stereotypering


Door: Eline Franken, Jelle de Jong, Steyn Kuipers, Nick van Lierop, Romy van Rossum, Fadumo Sugule. “Met dit concept willen we een beeld schetsen over […]

censuur, fake news

Sprookjes vervloeker

Door: Zora Kuppen, Gini Langenhuijzen, Femke Rook, Zoë Smulders, Marinde de Jong. “Fake news is irritant. Maar is fake news alleen maar irritant? Nee waarschijnlijk […]

commercialisering, populisme

Wilders Web Winkel

Door: Domenique Himmelsbach “ is the artistic answer to cultural budget cuts; an online gallery with Geert Wilders as muse. Here we sell T-shirts, bags, […]


Google Maps Hack

Door: Wimon Weckert. “99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps. Through this activity, it is […]

geweld, onrecht


Door: Suzanne Lacy. “Three Weeks in May 1977, reenacted by Lacy in 2014, was an attempt to highlight the problem of rape encouraging victims to speak […]

milieuproblemen, vervuiling


Door: Teresa Borasino. “For the last 20 years, the UN climate summits have not delivered any significant solution that effectively prevents catastrophic climate change. On […]

oorlog, surveillance

Art for predator drones

Door: een samenwerking tussen verschillende kunstenaars. “In military slang, Predator drone operators often refer to kills as ‘bug splats’, since viewing the body through a grainy video […]

racisme, stereotypering

Heritage Gold

Door: Mongrel. “Heritage Gold (1997) was a hack of Adobe Photoshop in which the software’s standard image editing tools were relabeled as tools for altering […]

censuur, onrecht

Remembering …

Door: Ai Weiwei. “… Sichuan had an earthquake. It was devastating: more than 80,000 lives disappeared. Many of the dead were young people at school […]

geweld, onrecht


Door: Grupo de Arte Callejero “On March 20, 2002, and April 19, 2002, hundreds of stickers were affixed to desks in the classrooms of the […]

digitalisering, geweld

Protect and Server

Door: Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Mark Ramos “To Protect and Server is a reconfiguration of Google’s popular “ReCaptcha” software that helps protect websites from spam and […]

gender kwesties, privacy

Facial Weaponization

Door: Zach Blas. “Facial Weaponization Suite protests against biometric facial recognition–and the inequalities these technologies propagate–by making “collective masks” in community-based workshops that are modeled […]

geweld, onrecht, surveillance

Said mural

Door: Ammar Abo Bakr. “Activist and graffiti artist Ammar Abo Bakr created a mural in Mohamed Mahmoud Street in Cairo depicting martyrs who were tortured […]

milieuproblemen, privatisering


“It all started decades ago with the local resistance against the construction of a second airport near the city of Nantes in western France. Eight […]

geweld, racisme

NACCP banner

“Between 1920 and 1938, the NAACP flew a flag outside its headquarters on Fifth Avenue in New York City reading, “A man was lynched yesterday.” […]

milieuproblemen, ongezond

Electric Fields

Door: Debbie en Larry Klein. “The Electric Fields of California is a series of installations that deal with health and environmental concerns surrounding electrical transmission […]

geweld, institutionalisering

Nothing much

Door: Noelle Mason. Volledige titel: Nothing Much Happened Today (for Eric and Dylan) – Cotton X-Stitch 32″ x 40″ “Through proximity, craft and scale the […]

imperialisme, nationalisme

Black Flag

Door: Santiago Sierra. “Adopting social architecture as a mode of critique is a technique that has become synonymous with Santiago Sierra’s artistic practice. If the […]

fake news, nationalisme, populisme

The Speech

Door: Doug Hall. “The “ultimate victory of form over content” is Doug Hall’s ironic assessment of American political rhetoric, as demonstrated by The Speech. Posing […]