Door: Mary Flanagan.

“Using the old street game of hopscotch as a model in this series, players either design their own versions of a hopscotch or encounter one in the gallery. [mapscotch: bombscotch] asks players to remember instances of US military atrocities. 

One instance of the instruction set is [bombscotch], focused on mass violence; another is focused on US military atrocities.

The potential for play to act as a tool for empowerment, community building, collaboration, and cultural change is a significant motivating factor in my location-based media projects. Play can always also be critical. Thinking that embodiment is a great means to experience such a critique by making challenging topics more visceral and experiential, I created[mapscotch], a set of rule-based, site-specific games which generate public discussion on contemporary social issues.”

Aldus studio-maryflanagan.com.