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Door: Teresa Borasino. “For the last 20 years, the UN climate summits have not delivered any significant solution that effectively prevents catastrophic climate change. On […]

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“It all started decades ago with the local resistance against the construction of a second airport near the city of Nantes in western France. Eight […]

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Electric Fields

Door: Debbie en Larry Klein. “The Electric Fields of California is a series of installations that deal with health and environmental concerns surrounding electrical transmission […]

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Door: Beatriz Da Costa. “Facilities emitting hazardous air pollutants are frequently sited in, or routed through, low-income and “minority” dominated neighborhoods, thereby putting the burden […]

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Door: SustainableITP. “Popular culture has the capacity to connect audiences to difficult issues wordlessly, emotionally and with humor, as grave as the issues may be. […]

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Disaster wear

Door: Door Ruben Glasius, Iris Kolen, Robin Minkhorst, Noël Nafzger, Jordy Reijnen, Salah Zeroual. “Disaster wear is een kledingstijl en mob show die is gebaseerd […]