CCD signals

Door: Grupo de Arte Callejero

“At that time, we felt the need to mark and signal the spaces in the city that had served as CCDs (clandestine detention centers), thinking of the nonvisibility of those places and the ways inwhich they were or were not recognized by people passing by. We proposed working on the physical spaces of state terrorism and their invisibility with the objective of unveiling the subjects who participated in the dictatorship. … From the beginning we chose to use the aesthetic of signage, using mock street signs (made of wood painted with acrylics, printed using silk screens or stencils), to subvert the real codes: maintaining colors and icons but completely changing their meaning. The space being used is the same as the real spaces in the city: on the posts that one finds on the street. We sought to place the signs in spaces that were amply visible both to the passerby and the driver. These signs served as a spacial intervention in the city, losing and discovering themselves in the daily visual pollution, managing to infiltrate the framework of the city itself.”

Aldus het boek ‘Grupo de Arte Callejero, Thoughts, Practices, and Actions‘ (2019). Afbeelding van

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