Door: Anna Anthropy.

Dys4ia, a game created by Anna Anthropy in 2012, is a short autobiographical piece about gender dysphoria.  Instead of creating a challenging or complex gameplay experience, the entire game is played through using simple arrow key gestures and follows a definitive, unalterable storyline.  As is typical with the majority of her games, she uses a classic 8-bit style in tandem with an electric color-scheme to create the visual appearance of the game.  As for gameplay, it forces the player to go through her personal experience with hormone therapy through a series of quick mini-games.  It is broken into four levels, respectively labeled “Gender Bullshit”, “Medical Bullshit”, “Hormonal Bullshit”, and “It Gets Better?”  Each one takes you through her deeply personal experience of being a trans woman, giving you glimpses into that experience through mini-games where you have to shave off your mustache or walk down the street as NPCs address you as “sir”. 

Aldus http://www.digiart21.org/art/dys4ia

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