grenzen immigratie, illegaliteit

BorderXing Guide

Door: Heath Bunting. “National borders are increasingly frontlines of political and social dissent. Asylum-seeking and political migrations are some of the most significant issues of […]

geweld, racisme

The South

Door: Seymour Chwast. “Juxtaposing southern imagery, haunting song lyrics, and photographs of slain civil rights leaders, The South, completed by Chwast in 1969, stands as […]

imperialisme, oorlog


Door: Josh Begley. “Sends you a push notification every time a U.S. drone strike is reported in the news.” Aldus Begley.

consumentisme, digitalisering


Door: ::vtol:: “The main idea of this project is to present exhibition visitors with the chance to destroy any object that might happen to be […]

digitalisering, surveillance

Surveillance Chess

Door: Mediengruppe Bitnik. “Equipped with an interfering transmitter !Mediengruppe Bitnik hacks surveillance cameras in pre-Olympic London and assumes control. The artist collective replaces real-time surveillance […]

dierenleed, milieuproblemen, vervuiling


Door: SustainableITP. “Popular culture has the capacity to connect audiences to difficult issues wordlessly, emotionally and with humor, as grave as the issues may be. […]

geweld, onderdrukking

Inflatable Cobblestones

Door: Eclectic Electric Collective. “Inflatable Cobblestones” produced by the Catalan protest group Eclectic Electric Collective were intended as tools of comedic subversion during the general […]

censuur, imperialisme, oorlog

And Babies

Door: The Art Workers Coalition. “And babies (December 26, 1969) is an iconic anti-Vietnam War poster. It is a famous example of “propaganda art” from […]

milieuproblemen, mode

Disaster wear

Door: Door Ruben Glasius, Iris Kolen, Robin Minkhorst, Noël Nafzger, Jordy Reijnen, Salah Zeroual. “Disaster wear is een kledingstijl en mob show die is gebaseerd […]

censuur, surveillance

Wikileaks scarf

Door: Metahaven. “DV: Nobody could have foreseen what happened to WikiLeaks, and the events that unfolded. Of course, it’s impossible for an identity to keep […]

biopolitiek, geweld

Cow heartbeat record

Door: Basse Stittgen. “All the objects are made 100% out of blood without any additives. The objects play on different associations towards blood. An eggholder […]

digitalisering, populisme

Death of Things

Door: Martin Nadal. “Death of Things (DoT) is a series of moving figures representing public personas whose operation depends on these people being alive. Each […]

digitalisering, privacy

Project Alias

Door:  Bjørn Karmann & Tore Knudsen. “Project Alias is designed as a completely open-source hardware/software solution for a world where big corporations have the ability to […]

gentrificatie, privatisering

Participation Park

Door: Balitmore Development Cooperative. “In a gesture of resistance to the mounting privatization of public space, the artist collective Baltimore Development Cooperative took over an […]

armoede, onrecht

Dollar income growth disparity

Door: “occupy george”. “Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%. By circulating dollar bills stamped with fact-based infographics, Occupy George informs the public […]

privacy, surveillance

Reclaim Privacy Jammer

Door: Pedro G. C. Oliveira & Xuedi Chen. “Scenario: Smartphone owners have become easy targets during protests. The government In Sochi collected information from activists […]

digitalisering, sociale druk


Door Fleur Cuppen, Lars Schupp, Cody de Leeuw, Lisanne van Heertum, Dyon van den Broek. “Intoxication is onderdeel van het instellingenpaneel van de smartphone en […]

leegstand, ongezond


Door: TMP. “Like a chameleon it assimilates itself to the environment in which it is heard. As one of TMP organizers, Barry Weisblat, points out, […]

privacy, surveillance

AdNauseam plugin

“AdNauseam is a free browser extension designed to obfuscate browsing data and protect users from tracking by advertising networks. At the same time, AdNauseam serves […]


Blue box

Door: Steve Wozniak. “The revolutionary device was used with a keypad tethered to an ear piece. It fooled a phone company’s switchboard by reproducing its […]

digitalisering, privatisering

Graffiti Writer

Door: Institute for Applied Autonomy. “The Institute for Applied Autonomy was founded in 1998 as technological and development organisation concerned with individual and collective self-determination. […]

gender kwesties, racisme, sociale druk


Door: Merritt Kopas. “Lim is a game about violence. About the violence of standing out, and even more about the violence of blending in. Players navigate a maze […]

gender kwesties, onrecht

Bathroom Project

Door: Fierce Pussy. “1994 Bathroom Project at Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center A site-specific installation in the women’s bathroom made as part of the […]

geweld, mode

Buildings of Disaster

Door: Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym “Buildings of Disaster, miniature replicas of structures related to tragic or violent events. The first building in the new […]