Phantom Kitty

Door: Neil MacAloney.

“The Phantom Kitty pads user’s activities with a huge amount of misinformation, rendering many of these surveillance and corporate collection processes useless. It is a device that types and interfaces with an internet browser like a human, but performing its own intelligent and scripted search queries. The device consists of an adjustable rack of solenoids that are placed over the keys on a keyboard and over the buttons on a mouse. The solenoids are controlled by a dedicated computer that actuates each solenoid to type a specific letter. The computer comes pre-loaded with the search parameters, and has a potential to use learning algorithms to mimic typing styles. This device is placed in position and turned on when the computer is not being used to make it appear the outputs are still from the user. The device performs searches that consist of both random and targeted queries, and can open and access websites. Learning algorithms can also be incorporated that make the patterns appear to be from a specific person. With this process, the device will injects an enormous amount of misinformation into any surveillance processes that may be in effect. Ultimately, any attempt to use the activity logs to target/prosecute users based on search queries will not be possible as the source of the query cannot be tied to the person anymore. Additionally, there will be so much bad data in these databases that they will not be able to be used to fish for patterns.”

Aldus Disobedient Electronics.