commercialisering, populisme

Wilders Web Winkel

Door: Domenique Himmelsbach “ is the artistic answer to cultural budget cuts; an online gallery with Geert Wilders as muse. Here we sell T-shirts, bags, […]

onderdrukking, opsluiting

Xinjiang Data

“The Xinjiang Data Project brings together rigorous, empirical research on the human rights situation for Uyghurs and other non-Han nationalities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous […]

digitalisering, privacy, surveillance


Door: Paolo Cirio. “The series of photos Capture is composed of French police officers’ faces. The artist, Paolo Cirio collected 1000 public images of police […]

commercialisering, consumentisme

Buy Happines

Door Bas Botma, Kylian Gieles, Hugo Hiemstra, Ruben Peters, Lenke Pouwels, Jereau van den Heuvel. “Koopverslaafde mensen worden helemaal niet gelukkig van wat ze bestellen, […]

grenzen immigratie, illegaliteit

BorderXing Guide

Door: Heath Bunting. “National borders are increasingly frontlines of political and social dissent. Asylum-seeking and political migrations are some of the most significant issues of […]