Wilders Web Winkel

Door: Domenique Himmelsbach

“Wilderswebwinkel.nl is the artistic answer to cultural budget cuts; an online gallery with Geert Wilders as muse. Here we sell T-shirts, bags, duvet cover sets, and other pop-art Geert Wilders merchandise. All products are designed by visual artists and produced in small quantities. In this project, not only do artists adopt the cultural entrepreneurship promoted by the current cabinet but the Wilderswebwinkel.nl itself also offers a growing platform for artists to relate creatively to Geert Wilders and a way to apply his populist strategy to art. At the same time, the web store wants to bridge the gap between pro- and anti-Wilders by, for example, allowing people to welcome their immigrant neighbor with a Wilders doormat or use the PVV seagull (it’s 3D logo) at a birthday party as piñata.”

Aldus https://www.himmelsbach.nl/?portfolio=wilders-web-shop